Selection Process

Selection Process

FIBE will be responsible for the entire selection process, through the E4F Program Management Office (“PMO”) under the permanent supervision of the Programme Manager.

A robust selection process has been established to ensure transparency and equal opportunities of all candidates including the set up of gender balanced committees, in agreement with the Charter & Code’s gender equality plans and external international peer reviews (“EIPRs”).

All the Applications and applicants will be evaluated in agreement with the European Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

The E4F selection process includes the following four Phases:

Phase 1: Eligibility check:

All the complete Applications received before the Call Deadline will be reviewed to check compliance with the eligibility criteria.

If an application lacks any critical documentation or information, applicants will be given 10 days to rectify the situation. If the situation is not rectified within 10 days, the application will be Rejected through a rejection letter.

The applicant will have 5 days to submit a redress in writing to the E4F Team. Redress shall be sent through the email (including “E4F Application – Request for Redress” in the subject of the e-mail),

Phase 2: Evaluation Phase

All eligible applications will be evaluated by 2 international and independent experts (EIPRs) by an external agency, taking into account their area of expertise and the topic of the proposal..

Applicants will have the right to a rebuttal procedure within 7 days upon having access to the evaluation results, taking into account that the rebuttal shall only refer to the technical comments of the evaluators.

Once the rebuttal process is finished, a Review Panel covering the relevant areas of the E4F will be set up. The panel will be composed of 8-10 international experts.

The panel will review the two external reviews and, if applicable, the rebuttal made by the applicant and will propose the best 28 applicants that will continue to the next phase.

All candidates will receive a consensus report summarizing the panel discussion.

Phase 3: Interview Phase (Interview Committee).

The pre-selected applicants will be invited to a  30 minutes videoconference interview.

Each interview panel will be composed by 4 members:

  • E4F Program Coordinator (FIBE´s Director)
  • A member of the impacted Hosting Partner Organization
  • An external non-academic international expert on the Research Area
  • FIBE’s Human Resources representative

The interview will be fully conducted in English and will consist of a 15 minutes long PowerPoint based presentation, (max 5 pages, without taking into account the front page and submitted in advance) followed by additional 15 minutes of questions/discussion.

Each of the Interview Committee members will rank the results individually and a final score will be calculated as the average of the individual scores.

Phase 4: Final ranking and Funding decision

The E4F Program Manager will calculate a final score for each candidate (Evaluation Committee score with a weight of 70% and Interview Committee score with a weight of 30%)

All interviewed candidates will receive a feedback report.

Applicants will have the possibility to submit a request for redress, in relation to the results of the interview process within 5 days from the communication of the results. Redress shall be sent through the email (including “E4F Application – Request for Redress” in the subject of the e-mail),

Once the redress procedure is closed, the final ranking list of the candidates will be created according to the global score.

For the allocation of the fellowship position to HPOs, the order of priority for candidates will be the established in the final scoring list.

In case a candidate is within the list of 16 selected candidates but there is position on his/her first choice HPOs, he/she will be offered the possibility of selecting an alternative HPOs.

The E4F Programme Manager, together with the corresponding Hosting Partner Organisation will prepare a funding proposal for each candidate, based on the candidate’s profile (the “Funding Proposal”).

A final review of the Research Project by the Ethics Committee will also be required.

The Programme Manager will submit to the Steering Committee the list of the 16 selected candidates, together with the Funding Proposal, for a final decision.

The 16 selected Fellows will receive by email an acceptance letter with an invitation to the contracting phase and next steps;

The remaining  applicants will be included in a reserve list in a descending order, according to their evaluation scores.

The 16 selected applicants will have 15 days to accept or reject the offered position. In case of rejection, the applicants listed on the reserve list will be contacted.