Ethics All participants in the E4F program are committed to: To respect fundamental ethic principles, in line with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, 2000/C 364/01 Ensure projects are aligned with the H2020 ethics self-assessment To respect FIBE Code of Ethics available at FIBE website To comply with Data … Read more



ABOUT US ABOUT US Here at Iberdrola we have a commitment to drive development in energy, culture, the environment and society in all of the communities we reach, which is why the Social Dividend is included in our By-Laws. The Iberdrola Group’s foundations are a critical tool in fulfilling this corporate commitment. Fundación Iberdrola España … Read more

Electric Vehicle (EV)

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Electric Vehicle (EV) In the coming years, car manufacturers are expected to launch new hybrid and pure electric models. Iberdrola as a recharging manager, in collaboration with manufacturers, is researching and developing different technological aspects around recharging solutions (high power DC charging and VE-PR communication protocols) for users, adapted to the different needs … Read more

Smart Grids (SmG)

Smart Grids

Smart Grids Smart Grids (SmG) DSO Role – Distribution Network Operation In the coming years, the smart grid and the distributor, in its new role as DSO, are key elements for the new needs and requirements of consumers. Projects will be aimed at providing the grid with flexibility so that it can be operated efficiently … Read more

Energy Storage (EnS)

Energy Storage

Energy Storage Energy Storage (EnS) WITH BATTERIES: Storage systems could also be used in distribution networks to improve the quality of power supply in the surrounding area or the provision of ancillary services, as well as the use of solar energy generated in the area. In this scenario, the storage system can operate in isolation … Read more

Wind Energy (WiE)

Wind energy

Wind Energy Wind Energy (WiE) By 2030, a strong average reduction in unit CAPEX is expected in new farms, but innovations are also going in the direction of increasing production and reducing OPEX: Wind Energy (WiE) Higher power turbines: increased turbine powerwill lead to a reduction in the number of farm positions, resulting in lower … Read more



OUR PROGRAM-E4F OUR PROGRAM-E4F E4F is an initiative of the Horizon 2020 MSCA-COFUND Program, aiming at structured international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral training and mobility fellowships, offering career development and outstanding research environment. E4F offers 28 post-doctoral fellowships, in 2 calls, for experienced researchers of any nationality, targeting Recognized Researchers (R2)¹ based on the research profile … Read more

Photovaltic Energy (PhE)

photovaltic energy

Photovaltic Energy Photovaltic Energy (PhE) Due to the sharp drop in prices of crystalline silicon-based solar panels, photovoltaic solar energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy generation technologies in recent years. The main objective of this area is to develop new photovoltaic projects and increase the competitiveness of solar energy and greater use … Read more