Commissioning of Arañuelo III, the first photovoltaic project in Spain to incorporate a battery

Commissioning of Arañuelo III, the first photovoltaic project in Spain to incorporate a battery

Iberdrola has started up the 40 MW Arañuelo III photovoltaic plant, the first photovoltaic project in Spain to incorporate a storage system, in this case, a battery with 3 MW of power and 9 MWh of storage capacity. The company is thus making progress in the development of innovative projects, with the aim of maximising the use of energy and continuing to promote the efficient integration of renewable energies into the electricity grid.

Located in the province of Cáceres (western Spain), Arañuelo III is part of the Campo Arañuelo complex, comprising the Arañuelo I, II and III photovoltaic plants, which have an installed capacity of 143 MW. Iberdrola has invested 80 million euros in the development of this photovoltaic complex, which has contributed to boosting the industrial fabric and employment in the region: its construction has involved 500 professionals and almost all the work in the field and civil works has been carried out by local companies.

The Campo Arañuelo complex already generates enough clean energy to supply a population equivalent of 65,000 homes per year and will prevent the emission of 41,000 t CO2 /year into the atmosphere. With this new facility, the company reinforces its commitment to Extremadura and its leadership in innovative renewable energies in the region, where it already operates more than 3,200 MW, of which almost 1,200 MW are photovoltaic.

Arañuelo III is the first renewable project with batteries to be commissioned in Spain. The company has 200 MW of battery power under construction or secured – some of which is already installed – and a portfolio of 900 MW of battery storage projects around the world.

Storage systems are key to tackling the challenge of the energy transition and are set to become an essential element in the electricity system of the future, because they make it possible to improve the quality of the electricity supply, ensure the stability and reliability of the grid and integrate and harness the energy generated by renewable sources.

Iberdrola is currently building 1,700 MW of renewable capacity in Spain and has a portfolio of more than 17,000 MW in Iberia. The company is the leading renewable energy company in the country, with an installed capacity of more than 17,000 MW, which its investment plan for 2025 will increase to 25,000 MW.