Iberdrola launches iNET30, a global programme to consolidate its world leadership in smart grids

Iberdrola launches iNET30, a global programme to consolidate its world leadership in smart grids

Iberdrola’s Networks business has launched iNET30 (Iberdrola Networks Excellence Transformation), a global programme to tackle its most ambitious transformation process to date and consolidate its leadership as the best smart grid operator in all the markets it serves in 2030.

iNET30 is part of the Iberdrola group’s strategy to lead the energy transition to meet the challenges of climate change and the need for a clean, reliable and smart business model.

In this context, increasingly resilient, flexible and digital grids become increasingly valuable, capable of massively integrating renewable energies; delivering energy from generating plants to end consumers; attending to self-consumption, storage and the electrification of demand; meeting the new needs of customers, and facilitating the energy transition.

iNET30 will enable deep business transformation on a global scale to build the grid of the future. It also acts as an essential tool for meeting the objectives set by Networks in its long-term strategic plan, which includes an unprecedented volume of investment, process improvements and an efficiency plan.

By 2030, the business will have invested more than 60,000 million euros, digitised the entire network and optimised its processes to provide its customers with the best possible service at the most competitive cost.

In this sense, iNET30 will represent a qualitative leap for the business by unifying and evolving the way in which networks are planned, built, operated and maintained, as well as the way in which the service is provided and the environment is cared for. This transformation will be achieved by leveraging the strengths of the business in each country, but operating as a global unit.

The programme also relies on the professionals who make up the Networks business. For this reason, it reflects the cultural change of the organisation and includes the attraction of talent as essential pillars.

The first milestone achieved within the iNET30 programme has been the definition of a global operating model for the most important processes of Networks. In addition, a specific methodology has been developed to analyse the degree of maturity in each market and identify future opportunities.

From here, the change will be articulated through joint local and global projects, with the aim of consolidating Iberdrola as the best smart grid operator in all geographic regions where it provides service.