Yerai Peña

Link to CV Nationality: Spain PhD and university of PhD: PhD in Electronic Engineering in the National University of Ireland Research Area: Wind Energy Project title: A cooperative fault detection and fault-tolerant control approach for offshore wind farms Hosting Partner: Universidad del País Vasco (SP) Brief introduction "Through this fellowship, I [...]

Yerai Peña2022-07-26T10:28:39+02:00

Vladimir Dvorkin

Link to CV Nationality: Russia PhD and university of PhD: PhD in Electrical Engineering in the Technical University of Denmark Research Area: Smart Grids Project title: Learning ORDER, Learning for Operationalizing Data into Energy Management Hosting Partner: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)

Vladimir Dvorkin2022-07-18T09:15:49+02:00

Vinoth Ramalingam

Link to CV Nationality: India PhD and university of PhD: PhD in Physics in the SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India Research Area: Photovoltaic Energy Project title: Copper-Based Co-Catalysts for Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction into Fuels and Chemicals Hosting Partner: University of Strathclyde (UK) Brief introduction: "I am currently a [...]

Vinoth Ramalingam2022-07-18T09:11:56+02:00

Suhyun Yoo

Link to CV Nationality: South Korea PhD and university of PhD: PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Germany - Ruhr-Universität Bochum Research Area: Photovoltaic Energy Project title: Lattice Polarisation Engineering for Next-Generation Photovoltaics Hosting Partner: Imperial College of London (UK)  

Suhyun Yoo2022-07-18T09:14:02+02:00

Ange Maurice

Link to CV Nationality: France PhD and university of PhD: PhD in Material Science and Engineering in the Nangyang Technological University, Singapore Research Area Energy Storage Materials Science Electrochemistry Microfluidics Recycling Project title: Online monitoring of electrolyte properties in micro macro redox flow batteries Hosting Partner: Universidad Carlos III de [...]

Ange Maurice2022-07-26T10:01:57+02:00

Philipp Saudt

Link to CV Nationality: Germany PhD and university of PhD: PhD from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology for the thesis entitled “Transmission Congestion Management in Electricity Grids - Designing Markets and Mechanisms” Research Area: Energy Informatics, Energy Economics and Green Information Systems Project title: AI-supported Contracting and Operation Strategies for [...]

Philipp Saudt2022-07-18T08:54:11+02:00

Sergio Pinilla

Link to CV Nationality: Spain PhD and university of PhD: “Silicon nanowires for energy generation and storage” in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain Research Area: Electric Vehicle Project title: All-solid-state batteries based on polymeric compounds Hosting Partner: IMDEA Energía

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