Electric Vehicle (EV)

In the coming years, car manufacturers are expected to launch new hybrid and pure electric models. Iberdrola as a recharging manager, in collaboration with manufacturers, is researching and developing different technological aspects around recharging solutions (high power DC charging and VE-PR communication protocols) for users, adapted to the different [...]

Electric Vehicle (EV)2021-07-06T13:49:33+02:00

Smart Grids (SmG)

DSO Role - Distribution Network Operation In the coming years, the smart grid and the distributor, in its new role as DSO, are key elements for the new needs and requirements of consumers. Projects will be aimed at providing the grid with flexibility so that it can be operated [...]

Smart Grids (SmG)2021-07-06T14:50:28+02:00

Wind Energy (WiE)

By 2030, a strong average reduction in unit CAPEX is expected in new farms, but innovations are also going in the direction of increasing production and reducing OPEX: Wind Energy (WiE) Higher power turbines: increased turbine power will lead to a reduction in the number of farm [...]

Wind Energy (WiE)2021-07-06T15:13:34+02:00