AVANGRID leads in development of innovative energy storage projects

AVANGRID leads in development of innovative energy storage projects

AVANGRID is leading numerous pilot projects through its distributors New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) and Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) to drive the development and integration of different forms of energy storage and identify key benefits for its customers and the grid as a whole.

Among the most notable initiatives is NYSEG’s initiative in the Energy Smart Community in Ithaca, New York, which is comprised of households and businesses participating in a technology testing environment to build the grid of the future.

In this particular case, the AVANGRID subsidiary is evaluating the potential benefits of incorporating a lithium-ion battery storage system into a distribution circuit.

“This pilot project is unique: rather than solving a specific grid problem, it serves to explore and test the potential benefits that energy storage can provide,” said Jim Mader, AVANGRID Manager of Smart Grid Innovation and Planning.

To carry out the pilot, NYSEG has partnered with Tesla, a US company specializing in the manufacture of electric vehicles and products for the generation and storage of clean energy, which has provided and installed the battery system and the software it requires.

The pilot project allows the battery to be charged during off-peak periods and discharged during peak periods to improve the efficiency of the circuit.

To date, the usefulness of the proposed solution is being studied to help balance the daily power demand of the circuit, keep the circuit load within hypothetical limits during peak summer and winter demand periods, and regulate voltage.

NYSEG is testing this energy storage system on an unconstrained circuit that provides the operational flexibility needed to test different use cases.

Although data is still being collected and analyzed, initial results indicate that adjusting the peak shaving settings according to the time of year will maximise the value of the battery. In addition, there is evidence that batteries can be an effective source of reactive power for voltage regulation.